Blockchain Marketing Done Right.

We get your message to the right people. With over 5M cryptocurrency & blockchain enthusiasts in our network, you're guaranteed ROI on marketing efforts.

“Tom and his team at TokenMarketing have truly innovated the blockchain marketing space. They take a hands-on approach backed up with results”

about the company

Our Origins...

I founded TokenMarketing because I saw a serious gap in the market for connecting blockchain and cryptocurrency brands to influencers and bloggers that actually care.

As we all know, cryptocurrency has enjoyed a phenomenal boom in recent years, and even with its ups and downs, we truly believe it’s the future of money.

With that said, it’s very difficult for ambitious new blockchain companies to market their product in a sustainable way that actually connects your project with the people that care. 

Traditional Blockchain Marketing Sucks...

For too long, ambitious blockchain companies have paid over the odds for extremely expensive marketing which simply doesn't work.

We're focused on providing ROI and getting your message to the people who care.

“We were getting ripped off by a number of agencies and so-called marketing experts before we found Tom and his company. ”

Over-Inflated Ad Prices

Facebook & Google Ads have significant restrictions and high costs.

Obscene Endorsement Deals

Celebrity endorsement deals have negative connotations with scam-coins, and cost absurd sums of money.

Huge Fees For Exchange Listings

Exchanges & ICO websites charge exorbitant fees such for listing.

Our Marketing Works...

We have relationships with hundreds of cryptocurrency influencers whose audiences truly care.

We're able to deliver your message in front of actual would-be customers and crypto adopters.

“As a marketer, I look for value for money. We've finally found a marketing solution that actually works. ”

5M+ YouTube Subs Network

We work directly with a network of trusted YouTubers with loyal subscribers.

10M+ Views on Partner Blogs

Our publishing network contains some of the best blockchain & crypto blogs around.


We create marketing campaigns that get people to engage directly with your project.


Here's exactly how we work...

We work with some of the most talented and hardworking cryptocurrency & blockchain influencers in the World to promote your product.

If you’d rather not spend hundreds of hours trying to co-ordinate viral marketing campaigns across the entire cryptocurrency community, then we’re probably a good fit

Our goal is to execute a marketing campaign across our network of influencers and bloggers to ensure that the community at large not only knows about your token or platform, but engages with it.

Step 1) Engage with you to learn about your project & your goals

Step 2) Devise a creative strategy to promote your project

Step 3) Seamlessly advertise and expose your project via some of the biggest crypto influencers in the World

Meet Some of our Influencers... 

CryptoLove- 90k Subscribers

One of the biggest up and coming YouTube communities.

CCN - 1M+ Monthly Visitors

One of the World's leading cryptocurrency news websites.

Crypto Crow - 78k Subscribers

Jason Appleton is one of the most trusted and honest crypto influencers around.

TotalCrypto- 50k+ Monthly Visitors

In-depth Features & Knowledge For Serious Crypto Lovers

Bitboy - 7k Subscribers 

BitBoy - The leader of a tight-knit army on YouTube.

Blockonomi - 800k+ Monthly Visitors

The Number 1 When It Comes To How-to Guides For BlockChain & Crypto


We're trusted within the crypto community

Tom and the TokenMarketing team clearly care deeply about the future of Cryptocurrency. While many projects and Blockchain businesses put the focus solely on money, Tom seeks to put Worldwide crypto adoption first. This is what we need more of in the space."

BitBoy Crypto

YouTube & Blockchain Community Influencer

Key Network Statistics

> Over 132 Influencers

> 3.5M Monthly Website Visitors

> 1.4M YouTube Subscribers

> 1.9M Twitter followers

> 1.3M Facebook Fans

Talk about getting your message to the right people....

Customers love us.

Here's why:​​​​

Our Marketing Efforts Deliver Clear Results.

We work directly with the largest channels in cryptocurrency, and we're able to reach audiences that are normally very difficult to penetrate. 

We realize that as marketers in this industry, time is money.

Don't waste your time building new relationships and trust, we've done that hard work already. 

Focus on what matters to your business, and we'll drive the audience consistently to your project.

Pricing Structure

Custom Packages With Key Goals


Starter Pack - $2,500 

  • > Exposure on 5 cryptocurrency websites
  • > 5,000 words of bespoke content


  • > 1.2M monthly organic website visitors
  • > 70k social media followers
professional pack


Professional  Pack - $5000

  • > Exposure on 10 cryptocurrency websites
    > 7,500 words of bespoke content
  • > Min 5,000 views on influencer YouTubers showcasing your brand


  • > 5M monthly organic website visitors
  • > 280k social media followers
  • > 150k YouTube subscribers
Enterprise Pack


Enterprise Pack - $10,000

  • > Exposure on 15 cryptocurrency websites
  • > 12,500 words of bespoke content
  • > Min 15,000 views on influencer YouTubers showcasing your brand


  • > 6.2M monthly organic website visitors
  • > 340k social media followers
  • > 500k YouTube subscribers

Let's Talk...No Pressure

We hold a zero obligation consultation with every brand considering our services. The purpose is to put your mind at ease, show you exactly what we can accomplish and discuss specifics of your project. 


Here are some common questions about our influencer marketing services

How do you guarantee exposure on YouTube channels?

What are your partner websites?

Who pays the influencers?

How does your bespoke content work?

How does payment work?

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